Album: More Human Than Us (2016)

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Song: Blackened

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Since 2009 in Andújar, Jaén, from Spain, Goddamn are a complex gear that only obey the most destructive groove metal, with progressive turns and touch of core. A crusher of very high level, after releasing, in the same year, «No Hay Dios» EP and in 2014 the maxi single 'From The Ashes', now Goddamn debut with «More Human Than Us» their first LP, edited by Necromance Records.
Their destructive debut, have been recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Cappa at The Metal Factory Studios (Madrid). Aggressive guitars, lethal techniques of drums, powerful voices and an amazing bass, all of this is Goddamn. They have incredible songs like 'Stained With Blood', 'Paradoxical Truth' or 'Collateral' and others like the deathcore 'Human' or 'State of Mind' are unleashed by pure brutality. In «More Human Than Us», the Andalusians spit their fury before the decline of the human race and the ecological devastation with a seniority and not common wisdom in their début. If even having the album in the streets, Goddamn were already arming very much noise, definitively with this album they are going to be placed in the map with the best of ways. «More Human Than Us» will smash you to the pace that Goddamn want to impress. Goddamn have a hard exercising on stage to be a first album, they have played with bands like: Hamlet, Brutal Thin, Merge, Praying Mantis, Enforcer, Inyourface, Brothers Till Will Die.. «More Human Than Us» spit their anger at the decline of the human race and ecological devastation with seniority and uncommon wisdom in debuts, «More Human Than Us» will strike your brain with their powerful and infernal music. Goddamn are pure groove metal.